A Ko Akae saucer-dish, 1620-1645, China

Wucai porcelain made for the Japanese market.
The dish is moulded in the form of a flower-head, painted with a scholar seated on the ground beside books, wine jar an various vessels, drinking from a libation cup and contemplating, flowering chrysanthemum and bonsai plants beneath clouds, the rim with a pale brown wash.

Lit. similar example: S. Marchant and Sons,
Transitional wares for the domestic markets, 1989, page 51, no 86

Wucai decorated porcelain
China, Chongzhen (1628-1644), Ming dynastie
Transitional period 1620-1645
diam. 14.8 cm
marked Ya (elegance and refinement)
A Ko Akae saucer-dish, 1620-1645, China